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TakeTHe16SHOT's Mod Application

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TakeTHe16SHOT's Mod Application

Post by TakeTHe16SHOT on Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:47 pm

*Why Should you be a Mod
*How long have you been playing in our server? (including previous Servers AND)
*Name age and account name?
*What are your intentions for being in a mod?
*To create a Mod application you must have more than 3 weeks of game play.
*What makes your Application better then someone else?
*Do you have experience in moderating a server?
*Anything else you would like to leave.

1. I Should Be Mod Because Ive Been On This Server For A Long Time Even On The Old MTA:SA Elite/Prodrift Server. I Have Good Experience On Other MTA Servers, I Used To Be A Owner Of A Drift Server Like Elite/Prodrift.
2. TakeTHe16SHOT, 14, JakeLolz
3. To Help Anyone That Joins Elite/Prodrift Server That Needs Help Doing Things.
4. Idk If I Have More Than 3 Weeks Of Gameplay, I Dont Know How To Find Out.
5. Well My Application Is Unique, I Made It.
6. Like I Said Above I Use To Own A MTA Server, I Own A Gmod And Minecraft Server If That Helps.
7. Im A YouTuber That Likes To Play MTA Drifting And Gmod Servers. I Race Karts In IRL Dont Believe Me Check My YouTube Channel Out - DilligasRacingTeam


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Re: TakeTHe16SHOT's Mod Application

Post by [e]Eagle on Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:05 pm


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