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Dance Mod Application Empty Dance Mod Application

Post by Dance on Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:18 pm

*Why Should you be a Mod
*How long have you been playing in our server? (including previous Servers AND)
*Name age and account name?
*What are your intentions for being in a mod?
*To create a Mod application you must have more than 3 weeks of game play.
*What makes your Application better then someone else?
*Do you have experience in moderating a server?
*Anything else you would like to leave.

-------------------------------------------------------------Drift <3---------------------------------------------------------------

1-) Because I believe I hold up this server.

2-)Game I play for more than three years. I'm new on the server but I am new doesn't mean I'm not experienced.

3-)My name is Ozcan, age 16. User step Dance

4-) Because when I'm open to help people and I want to make a better environment.

5-)I can be open at any time to join this server to a better place, but because I trust my goal I.

6-)I do not know.

7-)Of course. I even had my own server.

8-) That's enough, thank you.


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Dance Mod Application Empty Re: Dance Mod Application

Post by [e]Eagle on Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:21 pm

I have not seen you in-game, i would like to get to know you better before your Staff on my server.


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