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I want to Register for Moderator Applications. Pixel
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I want to Register for Moderator Applications.

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I want to Register for Moderator Applications. Empty I want to Register for Moderator Applications.

Post by xboxxxxd on Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:13 am

*Why Should you be a Mod
Because, I want to Help the Server out with things, Like if there's a Spammer, i Kick him,
or if Sombady is stealing cars all the day, then I wanna Tempbanning him from Doing that,
But not only that, Much more to help and do Ofcourse!.

*How long have you been playing in our server? (including previous Servers)
Can't tell it exactly, but At least i have played over like 340 Hours,
The most common reason is, that i stopped playing MTA Sins Version 1.2,
And started again Sins the Version 1.4 did almost came out.

*What Country are you from. (Time Zone purposes)
(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna,
And From that List i am living in Netherlands. [Amsterdam].

*Name/age and account name?
My Social Name is: Djni Wlk,
My Account name as IGN and Forum's is: xboxxxxd,
My Official name is: Djani Walk,
My DJ Name is: Dj.DubstepFlashback,
And my Age is Right now 16 Year's old.

*What are your intentions for being in a mod?
Almost the same things of [*Why Should you be a Mod],
But one other thing i like to do is Working hard with skills or somthing to earn it,
and have respect with it, i Don't wil abuse it, but if that happens,
Then i Make an Agree that when it happens you can Downgrade me to Normal user,
But I Don't gona make it so far, so.. For good Reasons only.

*To create a Mod application you must have more than 3 weeks of game play.
Yes, I do,
Even much more time then 3 weeks, i have almost 2 month's now!.

*What makes your Application better then someone else?
I Don't got a clear answer on this Question,
but i can tell that the most people are gona f*ck it up,
specially when the got the power for kick/ban and other stuff by the person's his Panel!.

*Do you have experience in moderating a server?
Yes, I do, I Serieusly do,
i Was Moderator On an Old server of Leito, with Dtorretto1 and Mr.Sherm and these people,
If you Can't Trust me about that, Dtorretto1 Know's the most about that!, Ask him,
And your Fine 0.-,
But i had More Staff ranks on Alot of server, Most of them Still have.

*Anything else you would like to leave.
Yeah I got somthing,
Elite vs ProDRIFT is one of my favorite servers!,


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I want to Register for Moderator Applications. Empty Re: I want to Register for Moderator Applications.

Post by [e]Eagle on Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:22 am


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