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Post by XanderP on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:30 pm

Name:André Pereira
Time-zone:(UTC+00:00) Lisbon Portugal
In-game ACCOUNT Name: XanderP
Skype (Optional) Xander29pereira (i rarely use it)

Why do you think we should pick -YOU- specifically to moderate Elite Vs proDRIFT - What qualities do you have that make you unique.
I play MTA since 2012, started on drift server in 2013 and i never had people mad at me, i was allways funny and i have a good humor so i can bring interactivity to the server's!
I should be picked because i know how to handle in most situations and i do not rage.

How long have you been playing on Elite?
Well, i'm not sure, i think it's 4 days but, i don't know if this was the server i played but then it closed..
I had 79 hours of game i think

What makes you stand out from the rest?
Well, i do not abuse my "power" and as i say'd i do not rage at people that makes me hungry Smile

There's a carjacking in progress, you witness it, what do you do?
If it was in game... Well, i would ask the player to give the car back, if he disobeys i would use the "slap" function, if he persist's, i would kick him for 15 minutes.
If it was in real life, i would take a picture or record it x)

Someone is spamming, What do you do?
Ask him to stop, if he still persists kick him for 2 hours!

A non-speaking English player joins the server and asks for help. How do you approach this problem?
First of all, i would ask him to add me on facebook or skype, then tell him how to use google translator or his language, and i would talk to him by using google translator

Anything else we should know?
I think that's all, but, if is there any curiosity by the part of the admins just ask me, i will answer whit honestly!

If you could write/type a paragraph below to test your English levels, it can be about anything. Hobbies, Lifestyle and things like that. Just to assess your Language skills.

16 years old, i was born here in Portugal, started to speak English at my age of 6, i had always good grades at the English class for sure, I speak English everyday because i'm the owner of a HUGE community in facebook where we must talk English,
And sometimes i just forgot the "right" words to use in english, that happen's when i'm tired but, i think i can handle it Smile


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Post by Araeder on Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:29 pm

Declined for now. Get some more playtime in and work on your skills in the server you'll be kept an eye on, re-apply again when you feel the time is right, you can always try your luck again.


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