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Post by [The]SandyRavageJR on Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:25 am

Name:Damiano Litta
Time-zone:GMT/UTC + 2:00 Rome Italy
In-game ACCOUNT Name: [The]SandyRavageJR
Skype (Optional) joebuz96 i use it often these days

Why do you think we should pick -YOU- specifically to moderate Elite Vs proDRIFT - What qualities do you have that make you unique.
started playing on mta in 2013 and im a nice guy and i help for small things and obviously the big problems and i respect everyone at the same level no more or less and im a calm guy rarely rage

How long have you been playing on Elite?
1 or 2 years honestly i can remember but yeah i think 1 year tho

What makes you stand out from the rest?
hmm if i should say something that makes me stand out from the rest i'd say my faith to people and my humor i believe strongly in friendship when it's a true one

There's a carjacking in progress, you witness it, what do you do?
simple a slap (100 hp) and if he keeps going at it kick if he joins back and still didn't learn the lesson comes the ban for 12 hours

Someone is spamming, What do you do?
i mute him for 5 minutes after that if he doesn't stop kick

A non-speaking English player joins the server and asks for help. How do you approach this problem?
depends on the language if i understand it and can speak it i ask him to talk in a private chat or skype if not then i use google translate

Anything else we should know?
no i don't think so i have told you everything about me well most of it can't say private things

If you could write/type a paragraph below to test your English levels, it can be about anything. Hobbies, Lifestyle and things like that. Just to assess your Language skills.

19 years old gamer i just play for fun and i want people to do the same so i do everything to make the game more enjoyable for me and for them if you want to know more about my life yoou can add me on facebook which i will give only if asked don't want random people to add me or my skype as said above well thats all so see you in server peace


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Post by [e]Eagle on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:50 am

Accepted!! Welcome to Elite Vs proDRIFT Staff!
~ |Owner| [e]Eagle

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