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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:12 pm

*Donate to our server to join V.I.P, being a V.I.P in our server gives you access to a panel. witch allows you to a V.I.P ONLY car and weapons.
*Being V.I.P opens options to become a moderator in our server.
*Thank you for your help. Do to the fact the server does take money to keep ruining.
*Click on the side left corner Donate button if you wish to donate. Thank you minimum donation for [V.I.P] Rank is 2.00$ (Dollars) Thank you.
*Leave a note with your name and account name.
*To Keep your V.I.P Active keep donating.
*2.00(Dollars) = 1 Month With V.I.P Rights .
*5.00(Dollars) = 4 Months With V.I.P Rights.
*10.00(Dollars) = 9 Months With V.I.P Rights.
*For higher Donation speak to me about it Thank you.



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