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Post by [e]Eagle on Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:53 pm

New server! N-560x95_FFFFFF_FFFFFF_000000_000000

Hello everybody! Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know that as of a few days ago, we've brought our server back up. Due to some unforseen financial struggles, we had to take it down around mid-October, while we got some things figured out. Regardless, we've kept stable backups of every resource/resource settings/account information that we had before, and everything is back up and operational! For those of you who used to play with us, you already know what we offer. For those who don't? Here's a quick summary that sets us apart from the other drift servers!

24/7 completely functional, stable, reliable uptime!
•  Extremely active group of admins/developers/Elite and proDRIFT clan members to help you with any questions you may have!
•  Low download size, so you can join and start playing as soon as possible!
•  Hosted in Germany, along with having OG servers' FastDL service setup, to ensure a lag-free play experience, and SUPER fast downloads!
•  Fully functional ghost car system to deter players from ramming, and to offer an uninterruptable drifting experience!
•  Custom made tracks by our users, and popular converted tracks alike, all accessible via the freeroam (F1) menu!
•  Custom (all credits due to their respective authors via, good looking real cars which we've worked extensively with, to reduce initial download size!
•  Custom wheel/rim designs!
•  Custom radio station activated with the mouse wheel in your car, which streams radios on the internet! Taking requests for more stations to add!
•  Intuitive, affordable, easy to use housing system!
•  Handling editor, to tweak all of your handling lines with ease!
•  Default drift-style handling lines for ALL custom/real cars, including a blip you can walk into when you first join, to start drifting RIGHT AWAY while you download!
•  Full integration/functionality with Ren712's shader panel, to make your MTA/cars look BEAUTIFUL!
•  Custom PM (Private Messaging) menu for talking to your friends!
•  Intuitive help menu, listing ALL of our various commands that we offer, and give information regarding getting in contact with server owners, over whichever issue/questions you may have!
•  Custom, home-made drifting system, in which you earn money to spend on various server aspects, with how many drift points you earn!
•  Custom home-made tag system and shop, that utilizes money earned from gaining drift points, to buy your own tags!

We're trying to increase our population back to our old glory days, so we're happy to have any and everybody who is willing to be a part of our community, hope to see you drifting with us!


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