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Post by Vladimir^ on Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:28 pm

[e]Eagle wrote:Our server Elite Vs proDRIFT, now has a group system witch allows you to bring in your own clan to our server! Elite Vs proDRIFT has been closed to other clans but as of now you can bring in your own clan to Elite. However if you are seen trying to imitate other clans such as proDRIFT or Elite your leader well be baned, the group shall be terminated, and clans money will be lost! Clans money could be used to buy a base, bases will be priced at 14 million in-game money. I know you are thinking 14 million?!?!? Wot your clan will have more then 10 people. By drifting you could easily make 500,000 in-game money a day each person drifting in your clan. Everyone in the clan can deposit money in. Your base can also be upgraded to level 2 witch means it will be bigger, contain a vehicle spawn ect...
In my opinion, it's useless to have a base which anyone can enter it by using "F1 > Map teleport", so maybe we should disable/remove "Map teleport" from F1 since there is F7 for tracks.

I already suggested something about adding the Hydra, but it wasn't added yet.. So, how about.. Having the ability to buy a Hydra spawner for your team (if you have a base) for 2/3 millions?
It's kinda cheap, but the base's price is quite too expensive, so that's the balance.
Hydra suggestions:
- Hydra spawner can be requested by the teams that already got a base.
- Hydra won't be damage-proof like other vehicles. (In case team-mates want to have hydra dog-fight --fun)
- Only team members can use the Hydra spawner.
- Adding Hydra will be harmless because all the players are immortal & cars are damage-proof.


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